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Henofa is expanding its range of biodegradable products


Henofa BV expands its biodegradable product range with the introduction of Heno Wooden Ground Anchors.

HENGEVELDE – As a progressive manufacturer, Henofa BV continues to pursue the development of new products. We are pleased to introduce the Heno Wooden Ground Anchors, which are now part of our biodegradable product range.

Heno Wooden Ground Anchors
High quality wooden ground anchors, that provide an environmentally friendly solution for securing groundcovers and nets. Made from high-quality oak wood and fully biodegradable. The crossbar provides a firm anchoring of groundcovers and nets in the ground. Installation is easy, as they can be easily hammered into the ground.

Product Features

  • Made of strong and solid oak wood.
  • Dimensions: Length 30 cm or 50 cm | Width 2 cm | Height 1 cm.
  • Prevents ground covers and nets from blowing away or shifting.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to steel or plastic mulch mat pegs.
  • Causes little to no damage to lawn mowers (unlike metal ground anchors).

Biodegradable geotextiles
Henofa BV’s biodegradable geotextile offers an environmentally friendly solution against erosion caused by wind and (rain) water and promotes the growth of new vegetation on embankments, slopes and other surfaces.

The Heno Wooden Ground Anchors can be combined with our biodegradable geotextiles, such as the Heno Geo J400 made from 100% jute, or the Heno Geo KJ600 and Heno Geo KJ800 made from a combination of coir and jute.

With the introduction of the Heno Wooden Ground Anchors, we offer a green solution for Road and Hydraulic Engineering, Horticulture & Agriculture and other professional sectors.
Our goal is sustainability and ease of use, which will lead to more efficient ground cover management, helping to protect the environment for all.

Heno Wooden Ground Anchors are now available and easy to order at and at For more information, please contact us.

Henofa Is Expanding Its Range Of Biodegradable Products
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