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About Henofa

HENOFA B.V. is a dynamic, rapidly expanding company based in Hengevelde.
Since its foundation in 1993, Henofa has grown into an internationally operating manufacturer of various needle felts and non-woven textiles. Additionally, Henofa produces a wide range of technical felts.

Thanks to products developed in-house under our own brand, we were able to obtain a strong position in both national and international markets.

Henofa operates within a wide range of market segments. Our biggest segment is the horticultural industry. In addition, we manufacture a range of products for the construction sector and a range of industrial applications.

Before any of our products leave our facility, they are first subjected to stringent quality checks. Aside from quality, our other core values are reliability, service and flexibility.

In collaboration with our suppliers and clients, Henofa continues to look for new opportunities and respond to new developments. Thanks to our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are able to serve in an advisory capacity during such processes.

We believe in partnership as the basis for innovation, improvement and modernisation. Together with our partners, we push the boundaries and set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Henofa is your partner in innovation!

Apart from manufacturing felt and non-woven textiles, Henofa is able to execute a wide range of other processing operations, such as punching, cutting and laser-cutting.

We also manufacture compound products out of non-wovens and plastics, using tailor-made production, laminating or gluing processes. This way, we are able to manufacture technically complex products with complex shapes for decoration & design purposes.

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If you have any questions about our company, what we do, or our methods, you can contact us without any obligation. We will be happy to tell you more about anything you’re curious about.

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